River View Apartment

East End Avenue, New York, NY

This prewar apartment has been designed to enhance an inherited collection of fine period French antiques. The entry doubles as a library for books and magazines hidden behind custom cabinetry armoires, and the floor has a long Persian runner set parallel to the large modern painting. The living room faces the East River and has spectacular views. The living room aquarium is in a wall adjacent to the kitchen and can be viewed from both sides. The living room fireplace is imbedded into the wood paneling and a hand-knotted rug covers the floor. In the dining room, the sliding mirrored wall reflects the space and movement when lit by the rock crystal chandelier.

My client's bought an 800-square-foot adjacent apartment. They were hoping to create a modern minimalist space that retained the details of the prewar architecture. They wanted to turn the new space into a study and a bedroom, and to have the kitchen converted into a master bathroom. It became a foil for their growing art collection.

Photography by Ashod Kassabian.

Website by Adam Reich

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